щетки Burner
описание щетки Burner
Burner модель 5

The close fit of the wiper to the glass provide a new frame and an aerodynamic spoiler

Now the movement at a speed only increases the efficiency of cleaning glass, because the wiper has an aerodynamic form.

щетки Burner
описание щетки Burner
щетки Burner

A new set of adapters for different types of wiper installing.

  • Hook
  • Push Button
  • Pinch Tab
  • Side Pin
  • Narrow Push Button
  • Bayonet
  • Top Lock
  • Pin Lock

The new model set of adapters more universal, easier to install, and also includes an adapter for installing a special type - Narrow Push Button, who had previously not been available for use Burner`s wiper..

типы креплений Burner
описание щеток Burner
burner модель 5

New heater elements.

We changed the thickness of the element, its form, used the new material of the protective film. Resistance element adjusted to achieve a stable heating temperature.

heated elements
описание щеток Burner
Нагревательны элементы Burner

New kits for Burner wiper.

We represent the new devices for connection wipers Burner ATR and Burner WIFI!

New set of wiper - Burner Wifi Burner WIFI The new device opens up new possibilities of operation